15 august speech in marathi
15 august independence day speech in marathi always full of spirit and motivational. This day dedicated to all our freedom fighters, peoples who gave their life to set this nation freedom. Its very popular saying. 
         "Freedom is not free,
                 Someone already paid for it"
                                                     -Praful Desale

This day is not only to listen patriotic songs and salute our "TIRANGA" (A tricolor flag of India), but we should do something special for our nation. It may be cleaning campaign, tree plantation, training program or meeting our army personals and encourage them that we are always with you. 

As we gear up to celebrate the most important day as a citizen of India, it feels exceptionally inspirational to know the progress and growth that our country is moving towards. It is because of brilliant minds like you that change and innovation have become a daily discovery. Whether in the field of politics or even the entertainment industry, inspiration is found now everywhere. With 71 years of incredible years behind us, we only wish that the years to come are bigger and better for the growth and development of this diverse country.

Wishing every Indian citizen, Happy Independence!Warm regards,